This Vet Vaccinates Dogs Without Them Noticing Thanks To An Adorable Method Of Distraction

by Damjan

Even a routine visit to the veterinarian can be a pretty frightening experience for puppies — especially when they need to take a shot. And we can't blame them - who likes shots?

But André Santos, a vet from Portugal, has found a cute way of making this terrifying experience something the puppies actually like. Santos has gained quite a reputation for his relaxed approach to keeping pets both happy and healthy.

When a patient comes into his vet clinic to get vaccinated, he doesn't just approach them bearing that awful needle. Instead, he uses positive reinforcement, games, and treats, making the pets totally unaware that they are vaccinated. And there's even some dancing involved...

The atmosphere in this vet office makes vaccination the highlight of the pet’s day.

"Whenever we do a procedure, we should give a positive treat," Santos told the reporters.

His approach might seem a little unusual, but Santos's patients certainly appreciate it.

Santos's approach not only takes the stress out of one "frightening" trip to the vet, but it makes all the subsequent visits something the pets will look forward to. And that's what matters most. "Best. Job. Ever," Santos stated.