People Who Are Having The Worst Day Of Their Entire Lives

by Ayoub

Life is full of ups and downs, therefore expecting nothing but rainbows and sunshine will only lead you to. the worst kind of disappointment in people and society as a whole. Focusing exclusively on the bad parts of life is unhealthy, the downs make the ups seem so much better and forcibly bring you back down to earth.

These people were unfortunate enough to go through some of the worst days ever, but they were nice enough to share their misfortune with us and decided to entertain us with their bad luck. It's always funnier when it's not happening to you, that's just how it is.

1. "A 4-Year-Old At My School Just Told Me They Liked My Minion Costume. These Are Just My Clothes"


2. "My Phone Was Stolen Last Week In London And I Just Got A Notification Saying It Had Been Located"