Man Makes Befriend Geese In The Local Park, And One Baby Goose Is Always Excited To See Him

by Damjan

Doug Carleton has been visiting the same little park in his city almost every day for the last three days. While he’s there, he enjoys nature, the view, and makes friends with all the local geese.

“I am generally good with animals, I can befriend the most snaggletoothed cat,” Carleton told the reporters. “Geese were new to me, but I just picked up how to not alarm them or give them a reason to fear me, and eventually all of them just became cool with having me amongst them and interacting with them.”

Eight geese are living in the park, and Carleton gave them all names.


“I can walk up to and just list them off as anyone would eight people they know well,” Carleton told the reporters. The geese learned to trust Carleton and accepted him as a friend.


Carleton noticed a new gosling in June and decided to name him Sam. He was born on a small island located in the pond.

Once he was strong enough to swim, he came to the shore with his parents. This gave Carleton the opportunity to start interacting with him.

With time, Sam grew to be very fond of Carleton, and now, every time he sees him, he gets extremely excited and runs up to meet him.

“He is the most passive of all the geese so far, geese tend to hiss at people when they get cornered/think someone is moving too close and ignoring the honking,” Carleton says. “I have never heard Sam hiss at anyone yet.”


It’s obvious that Sam trusts Carleton and loves seeing him. He is so delighted that it often makes other geese follow him. Carleton has a unique and wonderful relationship with all of his geese buddies, and it’s so delightful to see.