These Employees Had To Attend A Zoom Meeting At 4am So They Staged A Mutiny

by Rachel

Not to rattle on about the whole "global pandemic thing" which has brought about a load of people working from home and having to join the lovely world of online meetings. But, yeah, it is a thing that is happening.

Often, this transition has worked out nicely for people; with zoom meetings (sometimes) being an appreciated source of social interaction. But, for those who live in different timezones to their work, it has lead to some very early mornings.

This story about a 4am meeting was shared on Reddit, and it will give you a sick sense of satisfaction as you read about someone getting one over on a work Karen.

How I imagine the call went when the Karen left:


People in the comments loved it


"That’s a good one! It would have been a nice little shot to make her get up at like 2am or even 4am like she did to everyone else"

Because why be considerate of others?


"Had similar situations while working overseas for calls. When it would come in as a call at like midnight my time I would decline and propose mid-morning my time (essentially their midnight). That then prompted the realization to schedule appropriately.
We used Outlook so they could see everyone’s working hours. Many people would just not care to check first."

You'd have a weird body-clock, that's for sure


"I did my masters online... Swedish university, was living in Chile. Hadn't counted on the daily mandatory 4 am video classes and seminars...
Or all the essay style exams where you had to write 4-5 pages but only had from 4 am to 8 am to do it (they release the questions at 04.00, close the submit function at 08.00)... Or that time I had to write a normal exam, and had to find a Chilean university willing to let me write it in their facilities at 4 am while being officially watched by a professor.
I graduated on time but I had a very weird social life as 7.30 PM basically became bed time."

Even on vacation?!


"My company did this too, even if you were on a vacation in Australia, you were to wake up at midnight or so to join the call"

A good rule!


"Our work has a rule that if you want people to come to your meeting don't EVER have a meeting late Friday or first thing monday unless you like being in the conference room all alone."

Dammit Karen


"I know right? She forces 8 people to get up in the middle of the night for the convenience of 1 person: herself.
Then has the gall to complain when she's put out by one evening meeting she'd be awake for in any case.
Who is so stupid - or selfish - that they can't see how unbalanced this is? How can anyone believe their time is worth so much it warrants waking 8 people up in the middle of the night?
And how stupid is management for not realising the consequences this would have on team productivity?"

Have you defeated a zoom meeting Karen? Tell us the victorious tale in the comments below!