Wonderful Rescue Pet Photos That Show How Important It Is To Adopt And Not Shop

by Damjan

The autumn blues are starting to kick in, and we all need something to cheer us up. Some people decided not to let the declining weather conditions get them down and make their autumn and winter as comfy as possible - they adopted pets.

That will help them get through the cold winter days and provide companionship we all need so much. Plus, they will do a good deed, save some poor animal, and provide it with a loving home.

It’s a win-win situation. Love is the only thing that multiplies when divided. Newbie pet owners share photos with their new best buddies on Reddit, and we have selected some of the best of them.


1. "I Adopted A Gorgeous (And Very Skinny) Manx And Several Days Later She Had A Single Kitten. Meet Stella And Bug!"


2. "1 Hour After I Adopted Him"


Roughly 6.5 million pets end up in animal shelters across the US every year. It’s a tie between dogs and cats – they hold almost 50% each. Luckily, there is a noticeable improvement: 7.1 million pets were abandoned in 2011. But there’s still room for a lot of improvement.

The coronavirus pandemic has a bright side - as hard as it may seem to believe. There has been a surge in pet adoption all over the country. Animal shelters everywhere are reporting enormous growth in the numbers of pets they’ve adopted out or left in foster homes.

Kitty Block is the president and CEO of the Humane Society of the US, and she stated that some cities report an increase in fostering requests by 90%.“Folks who don’t have animals for one reason or another, because of their work schedule or their travel schedule, that’s all changed right now,” she says.


3. "Came For A Dog And Left With Him"


4. "His Name Is Mr. Hobo Highwaters, When He Was On The Streets And Now"


Meanwhile, New York City is actually running out of dogs to foster. “For the moment, we definitely don’t have any dogs left to match with foster volunteers,” Anna Lai, the marketing director at Muddy Paws, stated. “Which is a great problem to have,” she concluded.

But adoption should never be an impulse decision – people should consider the consequences first. Rob Young from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home shared somethings you should consider before adopting.

The pandemic, lockdowns, and social distancing made us feel lonely and isolated and in need of company, but “getting a pet should never be an impulsive decision,” says Rob. That is why Battersea animal rescue in London continues to adhere to their usual rehoming procedure, such as “assessing the motivations and suitability of new owners.”


5. "I Went To The Shelter To Adopt A Dog, And I Found Those Two In This Posture, I Couldn't Separate Them So I End Up Adopting Both Of Them"


6."My First Rescue. Shes A Scared, Timid, Beautiful One Eye Baby"


Rob added that their rehoming staff “will additionally consider the impact of Government restrictions on new owners.” That implies that they will be ensuring that potential “owners are able to provide a setup that will still be suitable for a new pet once lockdown is over and they return to their usual lifestyle.”

The truth is that there will always be pet owners who can’t take care of their dogs and cats. Rob stated that “Contacting a rescue center is the most responsible decision if you can no longer care for a dog or cat,” and although it’s a very tough decision, he urged to “put that fear aside for the sake of your pet’s welfare and bring them to a rescue.”

“You’ll never be judged or shamed for making the responsible decision,” Rob promised. The animals’ wellbeing is their highest priority.


7. "Our 3 Week Old Rescue Likes To Nuzzle Extra Close And I Couldn't Be Happier"


8. "With The End Of The Pandemic No Where In Sight... Decided I Needed A Companion. Meet Bunsen, Adopted From The Humane Society At 4 Months Old!"


9. "We Adopted A New Cat Not Knowing They’d Become Inseparable"


10. "After Months Of Loneliness I Adopted This Little Guy. Meet Frodo"


11. "Been In The Shelter For Two Years, Glad To Finally Give Him A Home :)"


12. "Rescue Cow"


13. Excited....

13. Excited....

14. "Everyone Meet Lily. She’s A Stray That Adopted My Husband And I Today. He’s Not A Cat Person But She Won Him Over With That Adorable Look Of Love."


15. "Went In To Drop My Foster Kitties Off, This Little Gentleman Wouldn’t Let Go. He Ended Up Adopting Me!"


16. "Adopted These Brothers And Couldn’t Be Happier!"


17. "My Husband Sunday: “We Are Not Keeping The Stray.” My Husband Today: “Don’t Wake Up Oliver, He’s Tuckered Our.” Excuse His Bed Head"


18. "This Is My Rescue Baby. He’s The Goodest Boy. 😍😍"


19. "Still Need A Name, But I Adopted A Three Legged Husky Today, He Wanted To Say Hello To Reddit!"


20. "I Live By Myself And Its Been Kind Of Tough With The Lockdown So I Adopted A Kitten 6 Weeks Ago. Bandito Has Made Life Much Better."


21. "One Month Of Progress From Our Rescue Girl. All It Took Was A Proper Diet And Some Tlc."


22. "Recently Adopted A New Pup, Say Hello To Tamago!"


23. "Rescued Bunny And Her 7 Babies Found Mid Winter After Some Sub-Human Dumped Them. Now Safe & Sound"


24. "Meet Charlie! I Just Adopted My First Dog! He Has Bad Hearing But Is An Absolute Love Bug!"


25. "My Name Is Mac And Today, My New Daddy Drove Over 300 Miles To Rescue Me And Give Me A Forever-Sofa!"


26."We Rescued A 7 Year Old Coonhound At The Start Of Quarantine And We Are In Love With Him And His Big Ears!"


27. "Older Cat Was Not Pleased When We Brought Home A Rescue Kitten. Now They Are Inseparable."


28. "Vicente, A Rescue Dog, Was All Washed And In His Little Tux Waiting To Get Picked Up By His New Owners. They Didn’t Show Up. My Heart Can’t Take These Pictures! Luckily He Found New Owners Quickly"


29. "Reddit Meet Luna My First Pet As An Adult, Aka A Stray That Walked Into My Garden And Made It Her Own Forever."


30. "Five Years Ago I Adopted A Traumatized Cat. She Was 9 Years Old At That Time. Today She Decided She Wanted Some Pets! I’m The Happiest Person Alive!"


31. "A Dog Rescue Called Marley's Mutts Would Like To Say Thanks To All The Dads Who Are Roped Into Fostering By Their Wives And Kids"


32. "This Is Daisy. I Adopted Her 6 Hours Ago, But I Think She’s Already Settling In."


33. "A Friend Found This Guy On Her Farm Last Night, So My Husband I Adopted Him Today."


34. "Adopted My First Cat Ever Today!"


35. "Got A New Kitten Who Has No Fear, This Is How I Have To Eat Every Meal Now"


36. "We Recently Adopted This Little Fella! He’s A 9 Month Old German Shepard Named Zev. (Hebrew For Wolf)"


37. "This Is My New Puppy Please Say Hi To Him"


38. "Just Brought This Good Girl Home Yesterday From A Rescue."


39. "Just Adopted This Pretty Girl! Her Name Is Lux And She’s 6 Years Old!"


40. "First Ever Cake Day In 10 Years Of Reddit That I've Remembered To Post Something So Here, Have A Picture Of My New Rescue Pup Shenzi."