When This Lesbian Couple BOTH Breastfed Their Baby People Freaked Out

by Elana

Australian based parents, Steph and Claire Eden-McIlroy are a lesbian couple and the parents of little L.J. Their story is presently taking the Internet by storm because they're BOTH breastfeeding little L.J. It was originally back in February that their photos went viral when photographer, Lacey Barratt featured photos of the couple taking turns breastfeeding their child but their interview recently with This Morning has them back in the spotlight and causing quite the debate worldwide.

1. Their First Viral Photos

The original viral images we can see here are incredibly sentimental and sweet.
1. Their First Viral Photos

2. Family

This family portrait featured on "This Morning's" Twitter feed is cram packed with joy.
2. Family
via: Twitter

Hearing more information about this family's journey and ability to co-breastfeed their child is completely fascinating!

Claire is the mom who gave birth, so her body naturally produced breast milk to begin her journey. Steph, on the other hand, had to work a little harder to achieve her goal. Steph actually trained her body to lactate over several months shortly before their baby was born. Now they are both able to take turns breastfeeding L.J. and the whole story has people talking because truthfully, most people didn't even know their story was possible!

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When Steph was having an interview with This Morning, she explained that she researched other families who had a similar goal and were successfully able to train and prepare their bodies to breastfeed an infant they didn't give birth to. She did this research all before attempting any actual efforts to help her breasts lactate and it sure worked out perfectly for her!

Seen here during their interview.
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Steph said:

I started pumping regularly months before the baby was born. I also took a lot of fenugreek, breastfeeding biscuits and breastfeeding tea. As many natural things as I could to help with it.

Breastfeeding women have a lot of resources to help with their milk supply and everything Steph tried have all been linked to helping women everywhere with their supply.

This happy couple is thrilled with their experiences and wanted to share their journey to help inspire other same sex couples of what they are capable of and how many opportunities the world has to offer no matter what goals you want to achieve.

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