Squirrel Rescued From Hurricane Won’t Take A Nap Without Her Teeny Teddy Bear

by Damjan

Jill’s life hasn’t been easy, and it is a classic tale about how an orphan became an internet celebrity. Ok, maybe not so classic, but interesting, nevertheless.

This adorable squirrel was rescued during Hurricane Isaac back in 2012. Now she has a loving family to take care of her. It is obvious that she is pampered and adored.

Her owners like to take pictures of her and share them, so she became a real celebrity, with over 720K Instagram followers. One look at her photos and video, and you will see why the Internet is fascinated by this adorable creature.

Enjoying the sun

2. A little princess

3. Jumping around

Jill and her teddy bear

She just woke up.

Working on her Instagram account

Hula girl