Ex-Students Recall The Scandals That Shook Their High Schools

by Damjan

High school is full of drama. And it's hardly surprising if you consider the amount of teen hormones all packed up in a closed environment. But sometimes, even people who are supposed to calm the situation down and take care of the kids contribute to that drama.

And where is drama, scandals will follow. And they make a big bang because schools are not places often associated with scandals. But that doesn't mean there aren't any….

People on Twitter share the biggest scandals that ever shook their former high schools, and the stories are amazing. We have selected some of the best, and we know you will find them interesting.


1. Why isn’t he in jail?

It’s OK to molest kids who aren’t that rich?


2. Con artist

What do they teach kids there?


3. Great job

And no one ratted...


4. Absolutely the best way to impress a woman.

Are they happily married now?

5. This is terrible.

Sorry for the girls.


6. Jail time for this teacher

Hopefully, he will be in jail for a long time.


7. How stupid is that?

Yeah, college material...


Poor Abe

For a senior prank, a group of kids in my grade moved a life-size statue of Abraham Lincoln across the school and into the auditorium. They tried lowering the statue from the second floor to the first by tying a rope around its neck. When they did, poor Abe’s head popped off.

— AJB (@AJBinNYC) May 25, 2020


8. “So, this looks personal.”

Someone had a big grudge…


9. That has to be tough.

Was the tour so bad?


10. This is a classic

Just like a movie.