13 Funny Posts About The Reality Of Parenthood

by Damjan

Parenting is not easy, and it never was. But it seems it is getting more challenging as the world changes. So many things to worry about.

It is getting more challenging to prepare kids for a future world while having absolutely no idea what this world will look like in a couple of years. Add that to working from home and not separating work and family life, and you reach a boiling point.

And you reach it a couple of times a day. It's more regular than your meals. But it's not all that bad… Just keep on eye on tweet number 2.

Somehow when they hug you, all the stress goes away - until the next morning. Then it starts all over again….


1. So proud…

It takes time to learn these things…


2. Extremely scary

Why do we forget how to do this witchcraft when we grow up?


3. Parents need more calories....

Five meals a day…


4. This is universal to all kids.

They are born with it.

5. Hostage crisis.

It is hard to break free.


6. Baking soda...

They should rephrase that. But, still happy....


7. You!

The happening...


8. Like no more.

Just give up...


9. Just imagine


10. MY WiFi!

Keep that in mind....


11. Parenting test...

12. And new teeth...


13. So confusing...

Who has the priority?