Mechanic Fired For Being a "Distraction To The Shop" After Her Colleagues Became Obsessed With Her OnlyFans Account

by Ayoub

Kirsten Vaughn is an Indiana mechanic who was considered as a "distraction to the shop" after her colleagues discovered her OnlyFans page. Before all of this, Vaughn was admired by her team and was on track to become the first female master technician in Fort Wayne Honda dealership.

She even got nominated for a prize at one point. Unfortunately, the moment the 24-year-old’s colleagues became aware of her OnlyFans account, everything started crumbling down. Vaughn ended up paying the price for her colleagues’ unsolicited comments and consequently lost her job.

Vaughn actually got fired back in February but only decided to speak about it on Wednesday, April 22nd on her Twitter.

She uploaded a video of her working and captioned it: 

‘Really a shame they had to fire me for having my only fans page, cuz I got down at my dealership. Here’s me doing a complete a/c system replacement due to black death.’

Vaughn's account started to spread among her former colleagues the moment she mentioned it in an Instagram story. However, she's unsure how management ended up finding her account.

As soon as they became aware of her account, her colleagues would huddle up in a group to watch her OnlyFans videos, making sure everyone saw them.

Here's a video she posted on her Instagram account where she explained the whole situation:

I had a coworker come up to me and… he was telling me how the salesmen were all huddled up in a group, and that he had come up to the group and they were on an OnlyFans page. And he said that he didn’t know it was me until they passed by a picture of my face and he said: ‘I’ve seen a lot of you.’
I was like: ‘That’s fucking great, thanks. Showing it to fucking everybody.’ They literally would not shut up about my page. I begged them to not tell anybody, and they would laugh in my face and say: ‘Ha ha ha, we’re helping you make money, shut up.’ She told Buzzfeed News

Johnston allegedly said in one recording that: 

‘If there were coworkers over there who had access to your page, that might encourage them to approach you with unwanted sexual conduct or comments.’

Watkins also reportedly said in another recording: 

‘If I walked out into the shop and spread a rumor, how other people react to it, that’s their responsibility, but I’m still the one who yelled fire.’

Vaughn originally made the account to make a little extra money back in January. She had hoped to pay off her student loans and a mortgage, so she can eventually focus on working on the dream of having her own shop.

A similar incident happened in the dealership after a past employee, Caryn Looper, got groped by a male colleague when he discovered that she had an OnlyFans page. After groping her, he asked how much $20 ‘would get him’. She quit soon after that.

Johnston allegedly was concerned that something similar would happen to Vaughn, according to the recordings.

Vaughn added:

I was a phenomenal employee with a perfect record that never got in trouble. When I went to work and I was on the clock, I did my job and I was good at it. I was appropriate when I was at work. I wore my uniform. I did what I had to do.
It highlights how sex workers are not properly protected. And it can also be used as a lesson learned for people who want to keep their day job.

After BuzzFeed were able to get Johnston on the phone, he said:

‘I think I’ve got more important things to do with my time right now, and I don’t think that’s any business of yours.’