Instagram Account Collects And Shares Horrifying Tales Of Neighbors From Hell

by Elana

You can dedicate a great deal of time to finding the perfect home, right? You want it to have the proper amount of space and amenities, just the right opportunities for personalizing, and it ought to fit perfectly in you budget.

There's one thing you have no control over though and that's your neighbors. Imagine you find your dream home and a few months in you realize your neighbor crawled out of the literal pits of hell itself to live next door to you.

That's precisely what countless people experience all the time, with little room for exaggeration. Thankfully, there's an entire Instagram account dedicated to sharing the worst of the worst and we can all have a stunned chuckle at the audacity out there.

1. Whose raccoon is this? I'm calling my HOA.

2. A real conundrum!

3. Who needs a battle of wits when you could have a battle of dog poo?

4. It's boring here without you two fighting.

5. Have you ever wanted a complete stranger on the Internet to get hemorrhoids before or is this a first for you?

6. Can't argue with that logic!

7. Pro-Tip: Don't get cozy with the creepy neighbor.

8. We need Maury for this catfight.

9. Zen!

10. Someone get this man an award.

11. At least this is the lesson you learned about your hide-a-key and not something much worse.

12. The best revenge stories include loudly screaming "penis."

13. Merry Christmas.

14. I think I'm going to take Fart Man's side on this one.

15. "Everything comes out in the wash."