Ridiculous Things Posted By Obnoxious Mothers In "Mom Facebook Groups"

by Ayoub

Mom groups are pretty popular on Facebook. Some of them are actually pretty informative and help mothers solve their daily issues through factual evidence and science. These are the kinds of groups that everyone should love and support.

However, you will also find these extremely dumb mom groups where obnoxious mothers give the worst kind of advice to each other. 

These mothers are not only uneducated, but they're also quite loud and opinionated and are not afraid to openly speak their minds. They will rant about the most illogical things that don't even make a shred of sense and there's literally nothing you could ever say to change their minds.

1. "The things “boy moms” worry about"

A quite difficult conundrum.

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2. "I mean candy is unhealthy buuuuut"

It's also the cure for Coronavirus.

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3. "Homeschool group comforting a mom who never taught her 14 year old the months of the year or his tables."

The future terrifies me tbh

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4. "She got one thing right."

Yes, you are very childish.

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5. "Sure man, you converted your kids assistant principal into a flat earther."


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6. "Old wives tells"

This is beyond insanity.

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7. "*Stares in CPS*"

You gotta be kidding me dude, what the actual f*ck

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8. "I'm smarter than a Dr"

A graduate of Facebook Groups and Youtube.

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9. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the actual DEVIL!

9. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the actual DEVIL!
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10. "Sure hope the crunchy points were worth your child losing his hearing."

What the hell is wrong with people...

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