Instagram Account Dedicated To Good News Sums Up Some Of The Good Things That Happened In 2020

by Rachel

There is no denying that 2020 was a very hard year! It was full of bad news story after bad news story.

From elections to poorly managed pandemics, with distressing statistics being released constantly, many of us began partaking in what is known as "doomscrolling." Waking up, and immediately embedding ourselves in the endless scroll on social media, filled with depressing news that made us feel overwhelmed and out of control.

But, guess what?! 2020 was not all bad--just mostly bad.

Good things did happen this year, and I think it is important to reflect on the good things and try and increase the number of them in 2021! The Instagram account, @the_happy_broadcast is dedicated to sharing all the good things that happen in the world--so give them a follow and brighten up your newsfeed!

And, its polite!

Excellent use of space


Re-skilling is essential in our changing economies! (But more resources for mental health services wouldn't hurt, too!)


One day, we will be hearing the same about covid!


2020 was great for genus inventions to help save animals

Great idea!

Incentives WORK

Weird but COOL

Good way to get people to stop complaining about hospital food is!

This is so cute!

Imagine being so excited that you're getting a package but it is just your trash... serves you RIGHT

Love this!

And to round it out, a guide on how to stop doom scrolling!!!

As well as new ways to help combat news anxiety. What do you think though? Are you feeling better?

Tell us your favourite good news story from 2020 in the comments below!