Funny Tumblr Posts And Memes About Disney That Will Surely Crack You Up

by Ayoub

Disney content is all over the internet, almost every platform contains some sort of content that is related to the Disney universe. They're often either informative, funny or contain fan theories that are discussed among the platform's users.

If you're into funny Disney stuff, Tumblr has some of the best content out there. The way fans contribute to each post is truly unique, and the final product sometimes ends up being something we can all enjoy.

If you're having a bad day, then you better scroll down and check out the funny Disney memes and Tumblr posts below. It's some of the best content out there.

2. Plot Twist

3. Or schizophrenia

4. You never know

4. You never know
via: Reddit

5. "On that budget Disney+"

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7. Sounds totally legit

9. And the seven dwarves of course

11. He ain't doing that

13. Wait for it

15. "Prince Charming is a himbo"