They Say 'The Customer Is Always Right', But Here Are 16 Hilarious Instances Where They Weren't

by Ariana

If you've ever had a job that required you to deal with people, you've probably been told on more than one occasion, 'the customer is always right'. The first time I heard it was at my first job from my old, crusty boss who would chain smoke outside while I worked the cash-register.

I've heard it at pretty much every job since then and you know what? It's wrong!

Most of the time, the customer is absolutely clueless, rude, and in the end, down-right incorrect. Recently, Twitter user @WelshDalaiLama asked people to tweet about personal experiences where the customer was in fact wrong.

Keep scrolling to see the answers... I'm sure it'll come as zero surprise that the tweet has over 1,000 replies!

Here's the original tweet!

But the baby is a big fan...

The age old question...

They didn't like the peas...

Ahhhh, that is scrambled eggs on toast?


Yeah... that's not gonna work.

But did they get a room or not?

Calzone Pizza *chef kiss*

That's a no...

Ohhhh wow

It was her kid!

Don't need no fancy shiz here.



"How nice for you..."


This is factual!